Love Everywhere - Dusk (150ml)-Khaltat-MHGboutique-Perfumes-Arabic Perfumes-Hind Al Oud-Anfasic Dokhoon-Khaltat-عطور عربية-عطور فخمة-Dokhoon-oud-bakhoor-دخون-عود-دهن عود

Love Everywhere - Dusk (150ml)

Creator's Inspiration

Experience the uplifting aromas of Dawn and relaxing scents of Dusk as they fill your home with a fresh, floral scent. Our new fragrance collection is designed to enhance your mood, soothe you and encourage connection from the moment you wake up until bed time. Love Everywhere - Dusk Parfum offers a quiet evening for gatherings in your home, infusing the air with fragrant notes which linger long after it's been applied.

Key Details: Home Spray, 150ml by Khaltat
Scent: Floriental
Brand: Khaltat
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