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Ljubovj Body Lotion (140ml)

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Brand Khaltat

Creator's Inspiration

Love does not claim possession but gives freedom.

Ljubovj is Croatian love. A beautiful, spontaneous love, Ljubovj is sweet and exotic, filled with sweet feelings and words from the heart. Unique and distinct, Ljubovj starts with an ancient tangy fruit note, Pomegranate. Bittersweet and deep, it begins powerfully with the sweet undertones of falling in love. Sandalwood lies at the heart of Ljubovj, a rich, soft scent with classic oriental woody notes, blending with the pomegranate to create an enticing scent. The base note is Agarwood, a rich, woody fragrance that brings out the complexity of emotion.

With 10% concentrated oil, Khaltat body creams are moisturizing, soothing, and keep your skin radiant and fragrant in one of our Lovely scents.

Personality: Emarati

Fragrance Note: Pomegranate, Sandalwood, Agarwood

Key Details: Body Lotion, 140ml, by Khaltat

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