Liebe Dokhoon Fume (125gm)

470.00 SR

Brand Khaltat
"Love is like pi—natural, irrational and very important."
Fresh & Aromatic
Liebe is German love. Powerful and true, Liebe is centered around the joys and depth of a treasured passion. A potent citrus ambery scent, Liebe carefully cherishes the nature of True Love. The bitter note of Bergamot elegantly introduces the fragrance, leaving a slight fruity nuance to entice the soul. Hints of floral orange and honey blossom infuse themselves as Neroli makes its presence known, a symbol of pure and fresh love. Admired for its charm and grace, Amber balances the fragrance, deep and ever-present, powerful and pure.
The natural and unforgettable scent of oud resonates in your memory, creating a sincere memory of true Love that will last forever.

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