Lovebraids - Ljubovj (30ml)

Creator's Inspiration

Love does not claim possession but gives freedom.

Ljubovj is Croatian love. A precious, passionate, and intense love. Ljbovj is sweet and spicy with a touch of wild unexpected energy. Sparkling and gentle at first note, Pomegranate. It's bittersweet scent will captivate you from the very first whiff- it's beautiful and unique, just like you. Sandalwood lies at the heart of Ljubovj, along with a rich base note of Agarwood, to create an enticing scent- complex intense. Made with only the best ingredients as well as pure essential oils, our fragrances were designed to be perfectly balanced between sweetness and spice.

Fragrance Notes: Pomegranate, Sandalwood, Agarwood
Key Details: Hair Spray, 30ml, by Khaltat
Scent: Emarati
    Brand: Khaltat
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