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The best Dokhoon in the world.
Throughout the year we aim at elevating the brand by focusing on the artisan, craftsmanship, quality of our products. We want to show why we are the best at Dokhoon making.
Dokhoon Mania features a selection of the best 5 Dokhoons every existing: Shiny Shay, Shay Shay, Rose&Shay, Oud&Shay, and Be Shay, each jar is 75g and the glass jars are luxuriously presented in an elegant gift box.

Dokhoon Shiny Shay (75gm)
Dokhoon Be Shay (75gm)
Dokhoon Rose & Shay (75gm)
Dokhoon Oud & Shay (75gm)
Dokhoon Shay Shay (75gm)
Key Details: Dokhoon 5x75g, Gift box, by Anfasic Dokhoon
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