Enchantment Collection

Creator's Inspiration

The Enchantment collection is a collection of a unique elixir of extreme love. It features essential ingredients presented with an unconventional, addictive twist. The collection consists of : 

Enchantment Oud - Eau de parfum 30ml

A concentrated elixir of extreme love, Enchantment Oud is the purest love inspired by a fairytale, held close to the heart. Enchantment Oud is the only Khaltat scent to use Honey as a note, a sweet, golden, autumnal note that illuminates the Agarwood base note, the woody, rich and aromatic fragrance which gives shape to the fragrance with its high concentration.

Enchantment Joory - Eau de parfum 30ml

Enchantment Joory, inspired by the Arabian rose, is a romantic explosion of fruits and flowers. The top note is comprised of fresh Apple, giving the fragrance a fruity, powdery note, while the heart is a powerful, pure Joory Rose, sustained by the deep, dry and diffusive base notes of Cedarwood. Concentrated at 60%, Enchantment Joory creates a tangy, vibrant sparkle of roses around you.

Enchantment Musk - Eau de parfum 30ml

Enchantment Musk is a scented blend of oud and musk in an inescapably alluring and absolute love that exudes an enchanted and premier aura. New to the Enchantment Collection, it is a delicate combination of pure Oud and pure musk, using a specialized technique to safely and carefully extract musk without bringing harm to the deer that produce it. Unique and sensational.  The bottle represent honestly, security and stability. Its small size feels safe to hold as it fits your palm and easy carry in your bag.

Brand: Khaltat
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