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Crystal Set (Gift Box)

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The journey continues. Crystal Trio expands into this collection featuring additional three perfumes and oils to tickle your creativity and craving for uniqueness.

1pc. Crystal 4 Parfum 50ml | 1pc. Crystal 4 Concentrated Oil 3ml

Spicy & Woody - A breathtaking oriental scent, Crystal 4 begins on a fusion of pepper and vetiver: deep, spicy notes flitting between an ever-present dry, woody scent. To complete the fragrance is Agarwood, an overarching, powerful scent with a warm, balsamic fragrance.

1pc. Crystal 5 Parfum 50ml | 1pc. Crystal 5 Concentrated Oil 3ml

Spicy & Musky - Exotic and spicy, Crystal 5 infuses intertwining the intimate, balsamic scent of Saffron with the powdery, clean notes of Rose. To balance the fragrance are the warm, subtle notes of Musk running throughout and infusing the fragrance with a precious harmony.

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