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Anfasic Dokhoon Baggies - October Cream

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العلامة التجارية Anfasic Dokhoon

تم نفاذ الكمية

Celebrate Breast Cancer survivors with us in a Shay way! Always part of your life and your special moments, Anfasic Dokhoon offers a veriety of giveaways that can be customized starting from as little as 10 pieces. This beautiful baggie contains 10ml of October Body Cream.

Custom options: get in touch before ordering to chose your favourite ribbon color and add your customized card (starting from 10 pcs) 10% of the sales from this product proceeds to support screening for Breast Cancer in the UAE. - For any inquiries/questions, Contact us on 055-1052369


Anfasic Dokhoon - Dokhoon Oud & Shay (10g)

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